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Purveyor Of Strategically Engaging Brand Content

Hey, thanks for dropping by. I’m Mike Seng, a results-oriented copywriter, creative director and brand strategist. Based on solid marketing strategy, I conceive memorable ideas  for countless organizations. 

The University of Maryland and Creative Circus taught me how to think big, collaborate, write and compose content that people want to read or hear. 

I write for all media and have accomplished a myriad of diverse projects like titling the film Accidental Love, developing slogan and packaging copy for Samsung’s launch of its Internet of Things product line and creating a branding campaign for The Roswell UFO Festival. I’ve worked on several so-called ‘normal’ gigs, too, while helping organizations of all sizes better focus their brands. You could say, branding’s one of my greatest super powers.

In my free time, I recharge my mind seeking out new inspiration on trails or beaches, in theaters and through aisles of farmers’ markets. My eternal love of music, reading, photography, history, emerging technology, cooking and DIY projects spark any required ideas on demand.

Whether your needs are for short- or long-form copy,  I am more than capable. I look forward to responding to your marketing challenges soon with my best branding and creative insight.

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