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Here are answers to some common questions I get and a few unforeseen that pop up:

Why should you hire a true copywriter?

Do you hire gravediggers to build your swimming pool just because they can use a shovel? Of course not. Don’t bury your brand alive. Call on a genuine, experienced copywriter with the right education and experience who truly gets marketing. Truth is, copywriting is both an art and a science, so hire a pro.

How can I assist your organization, team, marketing objectives, etc.?

As a professional copywriter, I’m more than wordsmith. I’m an idea guy who solves businesses challenges alone or as part of a tight-knit team of other brand professionals. I strive for genuine engagement, not overwriting or serving up boring crap that gets ignored.

I don’t always use complete sentences either…like that previous one. Using the vernacular is how genuine copywriters roll, the way real humans speak. And sometimes, we use words like ‘crap’ or ‘vernacular’ to stop you in your tracks.

Which services do I provide?

It’s a long list. I’ve worked on the agency side, in marketing departments, and directly with organizations through freelance on both the business-to-business or business-to-consumer side. Here, I’ve listed most of my services, but please ask should you have any more specific needs:

  • Brand Positioning (from strategy to execution)
  • Brand Consulting
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Campaign Development and Writing
  • UX Writing
  • Website Content Development
  • Advertising Campaign Concepts and Development
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Title Explorations (naming products, company, films, etc.)
  • Corporate Slogan Development
  • Blogging (byline or ghostwriting)
  • Audio-Video Scripts (for trailers, corporate videos, television, radio, etc.)
  • Corporate and Product Logo

Are my services affordable?

First of all, if I was in it for big money I wouldn’t have become a copywriter. How many writers do you know driving Porsches?  Zilch! I do have bills to pay like everyone else, but gouging any customer won’t make them a client or keep them as one. And, I sleep at night knowing I’m honest. 

I charge market rates for my services, and always provide estimates that are +/- 15% of the project total. I rarely exceed the estimates and will always notify you in advance if I suspect I might because no one likes surprises. These estimates are based on an hourly rate which may fluctuate depending on the nature and scope of the project and industry. 

On average, I think you’ll find that my work exceeding your expectations. It’s likely I’ll save your company money by helping it refocus — not only across all your marketing, but also in human resources and your growth strategy — from the top down and the ground up. What I do is pretty powerful stuff, so let’s get busy.

Why is my education significant to your business goals? Shouldn't experience matter most?

Besides my more than 20 years in the biz, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from The University of Maryland, one of the nation’s top colleges teaching writers of mass media. I also graduated and and received a Certificate in Copywriting from one of the leading schools for brand content professionals, The Creative Circus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Graduating from these challenging programs isn’t a walk in the park for anyone. Learning to write succinctly in relevant language to a wide or narrow audience requires more than just talent. These schools taught me to write with excellent grammar and in the most commonly styles adopted by the media and business world, Associate Press and Chicago.

I also learned the importance of proofreading, careful editing, protecting intellectual property, and collaborating with other professionals. You can expect me to put all of my training and talents to work for you, day-in, day-out.

Do I work on multiple projects at a time or prefer one at a time?

Often, it makes more sense to gang up certain projects rather than take them on singularly. The reason isn’t just for work flow. It makes sourcing and collaborating with other talent more efficient. It can also be easier on marketing budgets than a piecemeal approach. For instance, it makes sense to begin with a brand positioning project, then tackle the slogan and logo as the first executions since they are directly related.

Other times, just working on one project at a time allows for the creative work to evolve organically and at a pace that’s comfortable for certain clients or industries. I learned this while working on my first ad campaign for a restaurant chain. And, I found the same to be true when cooking with new ingredients at home in my kitchen. Funny how life is so connected, right?

Do I work solo or as part of a team?

It just depends. I often bring in an art director or designer to assist with various projects. The classic copywriter/art director team approach works as well for us as it does for our client and can be more creatively rewarding to a brand. I’m also used to working with a client’s existing creative team such as when I worked on contracts at Nike’s headquarters or at various branding agencies both on-site or remotely.

Through my work and connections, I have developed my own talent pool of equally devoted professionals to team up with. I’m constantly out and about meeting new ones, too. Sometimes they are seasoned pros. Other times, they’re fresh talent that I get to know. Portland is full of these types, and it’s a big reason I wanted to live and work here.

As a consultant, it is my responsibility to inform you if I recommend a different path with talent, business trends, political concerns, ethics, or anything that could compromise the growth of your brand. Those who won’t aren’t pros.

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